fishing in the tall grass
fishing in the tall grass
This is what I hold inside.

Tonight I miss all my ghosts. 

This is something you can say on tumblr. Not really something you could say on facebook or a blog but here, I can say it. 

It’s worth saying, even if it’s just once in a while. For the honesty of it. For the brazenness of knowing that you were right when you thought you’d miss them even on the other side of the world. 

You were right. 

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The google doodle people. TOLSTOY. 

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One of the creepiest things…



I ever hear is when men talk about how worried they are about their daughters dating boys. It’s the only time that men actually acknowledge the real and present danger they are to women.

Like, no feminist I’ve ever met jokes about menacing potential dates with shotguns, but that is a legitimate *staple* of dad humor.

I think I’m going to point this out next time some dude claims that feminists hate men.

so true

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