fishing in the tall grass
fishing in the tall grass
This is what I hold inside.

The google doodle people. TOLSTOY. 

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One of the creepiest things…



I ever hear is when men talk about how worried they are about their daughters dating boys. It’s the only time that men actually acknowledge the real and present danger they are to women.

Like, no feminist I’ve ever met jokes about menacing potential dates with shotguns, but that is a legitimate *staple* of dad humor.

I think I’m going to point this out next time some dude claims that feminists hate men.

so true

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The Story I Keep Re-Living

Ladies. Always use your intuition. 
Always, always, always use your intuition. Do the fb stalking thing. Ask the open-ended questions. Make the awkward observations. Be blunt.

You know why? Because that guy who has been messaging you again every night (for weeks? months?), who asks how you are and sends bits and pieces of his writing to you, that guy? He might be growing on you if only because of his consistency and you might think, why else would he be doing this? Who spends time investing in a relationship with someone thousands of miles away if not for a reason? 

But if you use your intuition, if you ask the questions, you’ll discover the girl who looks to be about as important as a vase in the corner of a few of his recent photos… that girl? Yeah, she is actually his old highschool girlfriend and they just got back together.

And if you hadn’t asked, he never would have told you and you never would have known because somehow in all this talk… she hasn’t been worth mentioning. 



That is all. 

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